Build a strong mathematics foundation through customised maths tutoring plans and face-to-face instruction in our Richmond Centre.

Hello! I’m Fiona MacKenzie, Centre Director of Mathnasium of Richmond, your local maths-only learning centre. We help children from Reception to Year 11 to understand maths by teaching in a way that makes sense to them.

Fiona MacKenzie

Centre Director
Mathnasium of Richmond

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Our Proprietary Method Allows Children to Reach Their Full Potential

For decades the Mathnasium Method™ has transformed the way children learn maths. We build a foundation for maths mastery through deep understanding by starting with what they already know, addressing any learning gaps, expanding their mathematical thinking, and adding new concepts in sequence. This proprietary method works for students of all ages and skill levels, whether they’re struggling in maths, doing okay but could be doing better, or are already excelling but need more of a challenge. When children see what they can achieve because of their proficiency in maths, it can alter the course of their entire lives.

We create customised learning plans

Children have fun at Mathnasium

We teach for true understanding

Teaching each individual exactly what they need to learn, and building on it.

Our maths tutors are trained to make learning maths a fun and confidence-building experience.

Delivering our proprietary curriculum face-to-face in a way that makes sense to children.


The results are transformative - families will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence and school progress.




of parents said attitude to Maths had improved

of parents said Maths skills and understanding had improved

of parents said that school results had improved

Source: survey of parents whose child regularly attended Mathnasium for six months or longer

Transforming Your Child’s Perception of Maths

“It gave her structure and a regular maths rhythm which was essential as she was falling behind in her maths at school. The curriculum was just going too fast for her. But at Mathnasium she was able to take her time and slowly and bit by bit she has caught up and is so much more CONFIDENT about maths. She even loves it now. She has gone from ‘I hate maths’ to ‘I love maths’ and it’s amazing.”

Sarah D., parent of Mathnasium sudent

Mathnasium of Richmond

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